Tips on Improving Your Dog’s Response to ‘Come and Recall Command’

The come and recall command dog training is perhaps the most important yet hardest to teach obedience command to your dog pet. Not only will the command give you the trust to give your dog freedom in many situations, it will also enable you to direct it off danger.

The overall effect is peace of mind when you are walking or around your dog.

The following tips will help you cultivate the recall obedience into your dog for immediate response irrespective of the various distractions that may be present in the vicinity.

1.Start early.

Usually, the best time to start on the come and recall command dog training is when it is still a puppy. Some dog breeds may respond even at older stages but it will be with difficulty. Once your dog gets used to doing whatever it likes, it becomes increasingly hard to change the behavior.
2. Make it an attractive option.
The recall command aims to inculcate into the dog that the most attractive option around is when you summon it irrespective of the other actions around. In this regard, identify that treat that your dog has shown a particular liking for. When the dog responds, unleash this treat as a praise and reward for the dog behavior.
3. Experiment with special toys and treats.
You need to earn the variety of bribes that would elicit your dog’s response. It may be a physical object or food. One you figure out this list, keep the best enticement for use during situations when the dog is likely to be distracted by the surrounding objects or events.
4. Repetition
Canine and especially dog training requires excessive repetition and commitment. Remember pets are less like kids and will rely on a daily routine before they get used to what is expected of them.

Initially, keep the distractions to a minimum. That means indoors as opposed to outdoors are the best initial training places for come and recall command. Keeping the sessions short is also crucial for your pet to get the real idea instead of just another of its fun times.
5. Introducing distractions.
With time, your dog will need the presence of distractions after it has properly mastered indoor recall expectations. Take the dog outside or places that generally have dog distractions like the dog park where there is the presence of other dogs.

This is also the time to test how strong your treats are a strong enough as bribes for the dog.
6. Use recall games.
You can make dog training fun for the dog and yourself too by using games specifically tailored for recall command. You can stand with a different person and take turns to lure the dog with treats to find out who and what treat it responds to.
7. The don’t do.
Do not use the recall command with those activities for which the dog might not respond or are not inviting to the dog. The meaning of ‘the come and recall command’ must be kept positive at all times.

In this light, avoid punishing the dog when it responds to the recall command. This is the best ticket to making your dog repulsive. Always praise and reward the dog for responding even if it was on an unapproved errand.

After all, the come and recall command dog training is the best chance at distracting it from the said activities.

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