Six ways to stop dog growling

Dog growling is said to be a natural instinct for all dogs, but is used if something is wrong. Dogs usually growl for two major reasons. When they play with you or warn you.

If the dog growls when playing, it is normally simple to recognize and pair this with other playful behaviors. Many pet owners always do not see this as a problem.

Continuous growling is a sign of serious aggression problems and should be stopped. No matter what the reason might be, growling should not be tolerated and must to be corrected without delay.

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There are many steps that any dog owner can take so as to stop the dog from growling. The following are some of them.

1. Consider growling as unacceptable behavior
Make it known that growling is not acceptable. Tell the dog “no” whenever he growls. Doing this will enable him know that you do not tolerate such behavior.

2. Avoid games which encourage growling.
Doing wrestling as well as tug of war with the dog is fun, but they show the dog that growling is okay. She might think that since she can growl when playing, it is acceptable to growl any time.

3. Socialize your dog.
Start doing this early enough. When your dog is a growler already, it is advisable to do it slowly. Lead and expose your dog to people around and outside your home. Remember to reward good behavior. Give him a treat and praise when it does not growl or behave aggressively.
4. Address food issues.
Several dogs can growl at almost everyone who comes near them when they are eating. Deal with this issue immediately or you may get a bite very soon. You can even hand-feed the dog so that he becomes contented with you touching his food.

Handle the food before placing it in her bowl. Lastly, when the dog stops growling at the actions, begin handling the food when it is in her bowl. When she responds with no aggression and just eats the food, praise her profusely.
5. Emphasize your superiority.
Many dogs need to see all human beings as their superior or they can growl to show their dominance in almost every situation. This implies that you must pass through doors before the dog and eat your food before your dog eats.

As well, dogs should not sleep at the same level like you, or should not be in a physical position which enables them to look at the owner straight in the eye.
6. Give the dog “time out” when they growl.
When they play growling is acceptable. When your dog begins growling aggressively, give the dog sometime out. Avoid scolding him. Simply take him in the crate to calm down. In a little while, he can start associating excessive growling with time out and reduce its use.

When you hear any growl at some other time apart from playtime, consider initiating aggression training. This can be signs of serious issues which you might not be in a position to handle alone.

You can even think working with a qualified trainer. Generally, professional trainers have experience dealing with such issues, and will give you the best advice


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