How to stop whining Problem in dogs.

Whining is a high pitch sound the dog makes when it’s in need of something. It is a form of communication made when it is in need of attention. This kind of sound at times may be irritating to most people.

Puppies whine for their mothers when they are hungry and she returns to nurse them. The same applies to the mature dogs, they whine for humans when they are in need of something.
Before we learn how to stop whining problem it is important to first know the main causes of the whining problem.

Below are the reasons as to why dogs whine:

Pain, mature dogs may whine out of pain, in this situation you should watch for the signs suggesting discomfort or pain.Needs, regardless of age, dogs whine when they are in need of food, water and it’s very common to see them whine before an empty bowl suggesting for water or food, and at times they may be in need of companionship.

Attention, they whine when they need attention in cases when they have seen a strange or scary thing.Frustration, the dogs may whine because they are frustrated, they become unhappy due failing to get what they aimed for, for example this may be a rat which has crossed their eyes and when they chase and fail to get it they start whining.

Stress, they also whine because of stress, this comes about when the dog has been left alone for a long period of time.Greeting behavior, the dogs whine during greeting, this kind of sound may come up due to excitement.

Separation anxiety, they may whine when you are leaving or even in your absence, this is a symptom of disorder due to your departure.

Appeasement beheviour, they also whine a lot when they are interacting with fellow dogs or with people, this is usually accompanied with lowering of the head and tail tucked.
Ways to stop whining problem from dogs

This can be a similar way of how you can stop your child from whining, when the dog start to whine, do ignore it and attend to it when it is quite, do not even tell it to stop attending to it, the dog will understand that it’s rewarded for the behavior.

Make the kennel a very pleasant place to be, by decorating it with variety of toys, soft brackets to give it comfort and focus.Place the kennel at a distant place from your house, in this way the dog will tame itself to be self dependant and also this will not attempt you to respond to its whining.

Give the dog several commands to keep it focused, commands like stay, sit, go and be rewarding to the dog, spend some extra time with it when it is quite.Check the situation which may be the source of the dog’s whining, places which are exposed to outside environment may be a major factor, try to relocate it in a much suitable enclosed place.

Never beat up your dog at any time because that is a form of physical abuse. It should be in a desirable, calm and appropriate training environment.When it starts whining for no apparent reason like when it’s moving or eating, take it for veterinarian to determine the injury, as it may be a sign of pain or discomfort.
Those are some of the major ways to stop whining problem in dogs, the way the owners react to this makes a difference in the way the dog perceives their owners. It’s better to give them attention and understand what they are trying to say when they vocalize.

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