Dog obedience training tips

Dog obedience training not only tutors your dog on how to obey commands but also defines you as its master. It is imperative to note that dogs are pack animals and therefore ought to understand their place. If your dog is confused about its place, he will start leading himself.

This will make him hard to handle, destructive, and stressed. The dog obedience training has also been found to be a nice mental work-out that helps the canines overcome boredom. Training a puppy is a wonderfully easy way of integrating him into the family.

This article discusses some of the tips that you are supposed to follow when training your dog.


It is always imperative to start training your dog using the most basic commands. Some of the basic commands that you are going to use while training your dog includes “come” ,”sit” ,”stay”, “heel”, among others. It is advisable that you start giving your dog commands in familiar places with minimal distractions.

You should give him the opportunity to internalize the first command before you move to the second one.
Just like human beings, all dogs will not understand things at the same rate. There are dogs that will be very sharp at mastering obedience commands while others will only show good progress after a bit of effort.

Consistency is very monumental. Telling your dog “sit” this week and telling him “sit down” the following week will only result in confusion. You have to use the same phrases to refer to a particular action.

Every time your dog obeys a command, it is imperative that you give him a reward. This could be a a memorable treat, a toy, or anything that is going to titillate his fancy.

Even physical praise is a great way of encouraging your dog to continue taking his lessons serious. Dogs have funny minds and they are soon going to link a certain behavior with some reward.

As such, he is most likely going to undertake again the same behavior in dog obedience training.
3. THE 3 Ds
After your dog has understands the basics, it is imperative to move ahead into some more advanced tips such as the three Ds. These are distance, distractions, and duration. Teach your dog “down” when he is at your feet.

When he successfully responds give him a reward. Gradually increase the distance between the two of you, repeating the process of command and reward.

For duration, you can ask your dog to keep to the same point for a some time time. This is going to give him the much-required mental work-out. Start by giving him the “stay” order and count up to three.
As for distractions, you should teach your dog to obey whatever distractions betide. This will help them find an ear for you even when faced by a different stimuli. Dribble a ball.

When your dog succeeds in paying attention to you and not the distracting sound of the ball; motivate him by allowing him to chase the ball. Repeat this many times.
There is an old adage that says that you cannot train an old dog new tricks. It is therefore important to train your dog obedience while a puppy for you to attain the best results. Note also that consistency is the only key to any form of dog training.

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