7 tips used in stopping dog separation anxiety

Pet dogs are pack animals and are not happy when they are left alone. They can have reactions when they are separated from others or they lack exercises. Due to this they will become upset, destroy things within the compound, bark anyhow and in a continuous manner.

This behavior will vary from one dog to the other and will be as a result of anxiety. The good thing is that there are several ways used in stopping dog separation anxiety problems.

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Ways of stopping dog separation anxiety

Pet owners can employ several methods in stopping dog separation anxiety problem. However the pet owner must first get the causes and use the best solution. Here are some solutions:

1. Crating

Dogs that are suffering from separation anxiety will be put in a crate which will contain them. The crates can be made from plastics or metal. The dog owner should be careful when using this method as the dog can easily hurt themselves when they are trying to break away.

2. Punishment

Though useful it will always give a negative effect as the dog is already suffering from the anxiety problem. The dog is already in panic and punishing it might stop the anxiety. However this is not the best remedy to be used.

3. Use dog toys

One method that can be used in stopping dog separation anxiety is by using the toys. They should be appealing and in turn they will help in keeping the dog busy while away. An example is the use of Kongs with the treats that have been frozen.

4. Scented items

One of the common tricks used in helping the dogs with anxiety is by leaving some clothing or even the blankest that have the owners scent. It is one of the widely used tricks used in providing the comfort to a distressed dog.

5. Obedience training

Dogs that have been trained to obey will generally have less anxiety problems. There are various practices which are basic and can be used as a remedy for the problem. The commands like sit, stay and down are ideal and will establish trust in the dog. When one has established themselves to the dog as the leader, then they will have no anxiety when they are left alone for a longer period of time.

6. Exercises

Before leaving the dog while going away, it is ideal that the pet should be taken around through some exercises. A backpack with extra weights is ideal. This should then be rewarded by some foods and water. This is an idea that is applied by owners to ensure that the dog is left resting and quiet while one is away.

7. Change the item triggering the anxiety

Every anxious problem has a cause. When the pet owner has known the cause, then they should change the routine that will be ideal in stopping dog separation anxiety. Every little change will matter and will be an aid in decreasing the problem.

Every dog has the anxiety problem and with this, the owners can use different techniques to help the dog. If the problem is as a result of the medical condition, then a veterinary can be called upon to deal with situation.

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