6 ways to stop dog car chasing

A number of dogs are used to chasing fast moving things like cars. They simply see an approaching car from a distance and they simply give a chase. Dogs which like chasing cars pose a serious risk to the driver and to the dog itself. Research has revealed that chronic car chasing dogs do not live to their old age.
Car chasing has been regarded a natural behavior of dogs associated to their predatory instincts, territorial instincts or their playfulness behavior. The fact that this behavior of dogs is natural doesn’t mean that it should be allowed to happen regularly.

Considering this problem of the dogs, here are 6 ways to help you stop dog car chasing behavior of your dog.

Tip #1; never chase your dog
You dog gets encouraged to chase cars if you like chasing around while you are playing with it. This serves to teach your dog to program itself to the fact that chasing things around is more fun. Teach your dog to chase you around, only you.

Tip #2; Lure your dog to threat seldom works
Your dog is one among the pets which are so territorial. They tend to snatch a threat to its territory and chase it around/away before you even get a chance to grab its collar.

Make sure that you train your dog to seldom lure itself to threat seldom works, which might involve stopping car chasing.

Tip #3; teach your dog to associate car chasing with unpleasant experience
This is the best resort for most playful and chronic car chasers. You can teach your dog to associate behaviors like car chasing with punishing and unpleasant experience, such as obnoxious noise, repulsive sprays or something more painful.

Devices that deliver this punishing experience are available in online pet stores. Work with a professional behaviorist to ensure that this treatment is humane.

Tip #4; call out your dog’s nickname with a firm tone
Most dogs are taught to be called in a tone so playful, calm and quiet. Because of this it’s nearly impossible to call a dog once in pursuit of a car. However, they will chase and come back to you.

To pull yourself in such a stalemate, it’s important that you train your dog to be more responsive to a tone that’s not so playful. Use a firm or loud tone when calling its nickname is more critical. Calm and quite tones can motivate dogs to chase cars.

Tip #5; get your dog to chase you
Dogs feel more secure when they play with their owners and more so by letting it chases you around. This gives both of you great exercise to burn off energy. In this case, your dog creates a stronger bond with you than with other moving things or people.

Tip #6; take your dog for a walk regularly
This is an opportunity for your dog to squelch the need to run around in order to burn excess energy in its muscles. When walking your dog, make sure he is always on a leash, no exceptions.

When beyond the boundaries of your home, a dog should know that certain behavior is required; a leash helps the dog learn control.

The key to stop dog car chasing is by way of mounding its behavioral aspects. A dog which obeys its owner’s commands and loves its owner as well least chases cars around.

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