5 ways to stop dog aggression

Efforts to stop dog aggression always present you with anxious moments. In a state of aggression, your dog will attempt or pounce, snap, howl and bite any object that is within reach.

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Aggression may come in many forms such as food aggression, people aggression and towards other dogs.

However dog behaviorists have also categorized dog aggression into several groups namely;

Dominant aggression –

The dog is stamping authority of status and territory.Fear Aggression – The dog is threatened and feels that its life is at risk.

Protection aggression –

The dog is protecting ownership of something.

One thing you should understand as a dog owner is that being aggressive is a dog’s natural way of handling issues. There is always a good reason why your dog becomes aggressive.

This means that you need to understand your dog’s behavior better so that you employ efficient ways to put things under control.

Following are the 5 tips you can use to stop dog aggression;
TIP #1
Take control and let the dog know Any dog cherishes freedom and territory in one way or another. However, you need to limit the dog’s space and be in control of affairs. Let the dog understand that you are the master. Be assertive and calm always.

The first dose of control to put your dog on a leash in moments of aggression. If your dog has a habit of being aggressive outdoors, make sure you put it on the leash moments before you leave home. Wait up until the dog is calm then open the door and walk out first.

The moment the dog follows you calmly, you have made it submissive to your command. At least you both leave home knowing who is in control for the entire walk. You can also assert your control through voice commands.

When the dog gets aggressive, firmly shout “NO” or “STOP”; thereafter ignore him for some minutes. The dog will immediately realize that he has lost your attention due to the aggression and he might rush to his crate and calm down.

TIP #2
Get veterinary help
You dog’s behavior might be caused by many factors among which are irritability, chemical imbalance or fever. Under such a case, a veterinarian will diagnose the problem and administer the right kind of treatment. This will reduce or stop dog aggression.

TIP #3
Spay/ Nurture
It has been proven that female dogs that have been spayed and males that have been nurtured are less aggressive. If your dog hasn’t gone through these surgeries then you have a better explanation for their aggression. Get them spayed and nurtured now.

TIP #4
Get your dog trained

Dog trainers have the right expertise and experience to stop dog aggression. They all have their own approaches so you will need to shop around and locate the one who has a record of good services. Many dog owners have for a long time preferred trainers who have trained as dog behaviorists.

TIP #5
Isolate your dog
The dog might always get aggressive in different places. To stop dog aggression in this case, isolate it from those potential surroundings. If the aggression sprouts when you take a walk then stop doing it.

If the dog gets aggressive during a drive out, leave it home next time you drive. This is a temporary measure as you wait to get a proper trainer who will address the problem permanently.

Remember that you have a great role to play to stop dog aggression. Be determined and positive to get desired results.

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