5 tips for dealing with sexually frustrated dog

Dealing with sexually frustrated pet dog can be a problem as its loneliness is likely to trigger to aggressive behavior. Dogs can be extremely social forming lifelong monogamous relationships with their mates, especially with the neighbor’s dog.

However in captivity, under their kennels or the boundaries of your home, they adapt to a strong desire to pair up with they consider a human replacement. Living with a mature dog, with triggered sexual desires is akin to walking through a minefield.
The degree on which your dog will show its urges for sexual satisfaction depends on factors including gender, species, age and nutritional status.

To deal with a sexually frustrated dog, here are 5 tips that will surely help you.

Tip #1; don’t encourage sexual in the dog
Dogs are generally considered the most sexually active creatures. Some folks think that it’s quite adorable to just sit and watch their dog masturbate on a kennel’s door or simply on your armchair.

However, it won’t be cute for you if such a sexually frustrated dog goes into a rage, breaking and attacking your visitors. You should teach your dog to desist from masturbating more often.

Tip #2; distract your dog with alternative approved choice
This is perhaps the best to reduce unwanted sexual frustration behaviors in your dog. For instance, if your dog attempts the seduction of other dogs, especially those of the strangers, immediately collar it up and take it to a neutral place such as a play stand.

You can even offer a play toy and praise it lavishly the new action of playing with the toy. This will help its mindset to shift from developing further sexual desires. By distracting your dog it takes away its sexual impulses for a few minutes or perhaps for the longest time possible.

Challenge it with a game or anything less likely to make it adapt a breeding behavior.

Tip #3; change your dog’s environment
Some aggressive and frustrating sexual desires of your dog can just be as a result of factors such triggers from watching a pornographic material.

In order to deal with sexual frustrations triggered by environmental issues, try moving your dog’s kennel into a different location in your house. Toys that might help dogs to masturbate should be kept out the dog’s sight and reach.

Tip #4; consult your veterinarian
On extreme cases, it’s always important to consult your dog’s veterinarian. This is advisable when your pet show signs of unusual and extreme behaviors.

Some behavioral characteristics for sexual frustration in dogs could be due to underlying disease or malnutrition. You should take your dog for examination before imposing on measures to curb its sexual frustrations.

If health issues are ruled out, then it gives you a leeway to undertake other measures including restraining.

Tip #5; discourage your dog from mounting
Discouraging your dog from mounting behaviors will surely eliminate their sexual urge. This will as well save you some embarrassment and possible injuries. For example, a sexually frustrated Great Dane could inflict harm just from its weight alone.

Plenty of exercise and play with your dog will help it release some energy, reducing their aggressiveness. The ways given above to deal with a sexually frustrated dog; however are not 100% effective but will help you to handle such dogs with care.

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